Content Strategy


Content Strategy

Are you considering developing a content strategy to enhance your content marketing or training solutions?  Content strategy focuses on the planning, creation, delivery, and use of content.

Are you…..

  • Uncertain about where to start with eLearning?
  • Wondering how eLearning or mobile apps can enhance learning?
  • Interested in improving performance using eLearning?
  • Seeking to showcase your expertise online to your target audience?
  • Interested in cutting costs and growing training enrollments?
  • Concerned about your organization’s transition to eLearning or mobile learning?
  • Concerned you don’t have the talent to develop in-house content?
  • Seeking to outsource your content development
  • Develop a Webinar series and hosting services?
  • Considering a blended approach to training?

Market Your expertise and generate revenues

Do you have expertise that could benefit others? Let us help you convert your skills/knowledge into online courses, Webinars or Webcasts and generate revenues for you! Whether its your face-to-face courses or your legacy content from all your training manuals, we can help you get stared!  You don’t need to be the tech-guru to get started – we will take care of the rest.

All we need is your subject-matter expertise, and we will manage the design from creating a course outline, to multi-media clips, uploads to your Learning Management System or website. If you have the expertise,  we can help you can sell it or showcase your expertise to the world!

Content Strategy Focus Areas

We are specialists in working with organizations to provide innovative solutions that guide you on

  • developing an eLearning and Content strategy
  • embracing eLearning
  • leveraging your existing infrastructure
  • mining the assets you already own in your legacy content
  • developing research-based data and analytics
  • provide on-demand professional development related to eLearning

To get ahead in the digital and knowledge age, organizational leaders know the power and potential that eLearning can provide.

Content Strategy Considerations

  • Facilitators/instructors: do you have the right talent in place to design and develop your content?
  • Design guidelines: do you have an in-house guide to what quality should look like?
  • Content reviews: do you have quality check points in the form of evaluations to review content for quality, branding elements, etc.?
  • Learners’ perceptions: what will make prospective learners believe that you have the best content to meet their needs?

Having a clearly articulated content-related guidelines and practices and ways to evaluate the quality of the learning are important for:

  • quality assurance
  • superior content
  • brand-building and enhancement

In your quest to plan, advance, and justify your learning initiatives, we offer consultation and coaching on leadership issues related to the integration of eLearning and mobile learning (mLearning) solutions to your broader Talent- and Organizational Development (OD) strategy.

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