Content Audit

Content Audits

Content includes words, images and multimedia used across a variety of channels to deliver a message.

Expert Content Review

Content auditing is a brand enhancement and quality assurance process that ensures your organization’s learning is anchored on best practices and actually achieving set goals. One of the key eLearning best practice tracking, monitoring and evaluation. We take a good, hard look at the content you have, assess how it compares with best practice, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Content Audit & Evaluation Solutions

The audit features a review your eLearning-related documents and content strategy and produce a report with recommendations on where you can improve your eLearning. Considerations include your:

  • eLearning strategy
  • In-house content
  • Virtual Events (Webinars)
  • Evaluations from participants
  • Syllabi review and feedback (for educational institutions)
  • Professional Development planning
  • Learner success/testimonials
  • Reliability of assessments
  • Course design
  • Evaluation data

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