Facilitate: How can you facilitate online classes, eCoaching or eMentoring sessions or eMeetings?

What is this learning path all about?

Facilitation skills are absolutely essential across professions and work situations – to facilitate virtual meeting, coaching, training, or mentoring others. This learning path is designed to equip participants with practical tools, techniques and resources that will enable you to:

  • appreciate the difference between face-to-face and virtual facilitation
  • inform your facilitation strategy
  • embed facilitation techniques into your virtual practices
  • assess virtual facilitation resources in your organization
  • prepare for and practice virtual facilitation using selected tools

The series of modules features facilitation applicable in 3 paths: virtual eCoaching, eLearning or eMentoring.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on the modules & delivery option you select.
Discounts available for students and corporate groups.

HOW long DOES IT take?

Depending on your selected path, each module takes approximately 6 hours (with multiple sessions) to deliver but if you’d prefer to a face-to-face or blended delivery, simply contact us to request a customized session.

What are the learning path options?

The learning path options are displayed below. To learn more about the modules and to schedule a session(s), simply Contact Us for more specific information.

Module Mode of Delivery (options to choose from)
Registration  Virtual
5500-00: Getting Started Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
5500-01: eFacilitation: Virtual Meetings(3) Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
5500-02: eFacilitation: Virtual Coaching (3) Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
5500-03: eFacilitation: Virtual Classroom (3) Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
 5500-04:  eFacilitation: Virtual Mentoring (3) Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
 5500-05:  One-on-One eCoaching session(s)  Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended