Virtual Mentorship & Coaching



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Course Code Dates and Times
Full course Registration (discount offered for full course) 6 Modules (1500-01 to 1500-06)
1500-00:  One-on-One eCoaching Sessions customized for your team/organization REGISTER for a Coaching Session
1500-01: Tapping into the Power of eMentoring & eCoaching REGISTER for MODULE
1500-02: The Pathway to Successful eMentoring  & eCoaching REGISTER for MODULE 
1500-03: Strategies for Recruiting Virtual Learners REGISTER for MODULE 
1500-04: The Relationship Recipe REGISTER for MODULE
1500-05: Examining Your eMentoring / eCoaching Experience REGISTER for MODULE
1500-06: Creating an eCoaching & eMentoring Action Plan REGISTER for MODULE

While face-to-face chats over a cup of tea or coffee are still common, engaging in coaching & mentorship is no longer limited by one’s location. Rich digital and social media have opened new and exciting avenues to engage in individualized, peer-to-peer, or group mentoring options.

While technology supporting virtual relationships has been applied to other facets of life (from dating sites, YouTube stars to Facebook friendships), the potential of eMentoring and eCoaching is yet to be harnessed to its full extent using readily available applications. This module is therefore designed to enable the competencies of coaches & coachees; mentors & mentees and talent development managers to make virtual learning approaches.

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