Virtual Meetings



This training module gives participants insights on what makes virtual events successful. Effective planning, facilitation, and follow-up are essential elements for any virtual presentation; these modules will equip you with strategy, tips, and tools to enhance your facilitation of a virtual meeting, online community forum, or a webinar.

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The next self paced course will begin in January 2017, with the following modules::

Module Dates
Registration Virtual
5500-00: Getting Started Virtual
5500-01: Get Ready! Planning virtual meetings and webinars Virtual
5500-02: How to select the right tools for your virtual meetings and webinars Virtual
5500-03: Generating leads through webinars Virtual
5500-04: Creating engaging webinar content Virtual
5500-05: Strategies for facilitating effective and engaging webinars or virtual meetings Virtual
5500-06: Beyond the event: What to do after a webinar Virtual
5500-07: One-on-One eCoaching sessions Virtual