Leading Strategy Question?

Strategy: What are the key considerations for your eLearning & market strategy?

What is this course about?

Designed to equip participants with practical tools, techniques and resources to enable them to use digital applications to lead change and drive innovation.

The series of modules features the key pillars of the SMART digital leadership: culture, people, content, technology, and how they affect strategy. It provides leaders with foundational knowledge of 21st century digital media and considerations that are vital to effectively and successfully leveraging such technologies.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on the modules & delivery option you select. NB: Discounts available for students and corporate groups.

Each module takes approximately 2 hours (virtually) to deliver but if you’d prefer to a Face-to-Face course, simply contact us to request a customized session.

What are the learning path options?

Click here to download and learn more about the modules or Contact Us for more information

2500-00: Getting Started Virtual
2500-01: Enabling eLearning Culture and Context: The Foundations  Virtual
2500-02: Support Systems for eLearning Stakeholder Success  Virtual
2500-03: eReadiness: Assessing Gaps and Making Media Decisions  Virtual
2500-04: How to Select Virtual Learning Environments/Content Management & Record Systems  Virtual
2500-05: Migrating to eLearning – Thriving in Change and Innovation  Virtual
2500-06: Strategies for Reducing Resistance to eLearning  Virtual
2500-07:  One-on-One eCoaching sessions: Envisioning your Strategic Plan  Virtual