eli ecampus2All our customized professional development online courses (offered virtually) are designed to equip participants with fresh insights, practical tools, cool tips and techniques for using virtual tools and blended learning approaches to boost your eLearning competencies.

Course Logistics

Review the course logistics. These courses are offered virtually at pre-scheduled times and dates and are all accessible to you via a mobile device (phone or tablet) or a computer. Access to Internet is a must have.

Customized face-to-face delivery is an option. Contact us to schedule a custom program and to schedule your team’s coaching or training session.

NB: Discounts available for teams/groups of 5 or more!

 6 Course Learning Paths

Review each of the links to learn more about these offerings. They can be customized to fit the audience needs. Contact us to details and to schedule your delivery times.

What do the 6 Learning Paths Address?

  1. Analysis: What do we know about the learners, stakeholders, and the learning environment?
  2. Strategy: What are the key considerations for your eLearning and market strategy?
  3. Design: How to design eContent and tools that will add value to your learners and organization?
  4. Develop: How to develop quality eContent and support systems to engage learners?
  5. Facilitate: How to facilitate virtual training, coaching, and meetings?
  6. Evaluate: How to monitor and evaluate eLearning and make data-informed decisions?