DESIGN Learning Path

Design: How to design eContent & Tools that will add value to learners and organization?

What is Design All About?

This learning path (series of options) offers participants with practical design-related tips, tools, techniques and resources. Participants will be able to:

  • conduct a content audit
  • develop a design document/map
  • determine essential learning assets
  • develop a course outline
  • articulate learning outcomes
  • design a micro-module

The series of modules will take you from an idea, to a course outline/syllabus, and to a completed micro-module.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on the modules & delivery option you select.
Discounts available for students and corporate groups.

How long does it take?

Each module takes approximately 2 hours (virtually) to deliver but if you’d prefer to a face-to-face course, simply contact us to request a customized session.

What are the learning path options?

The learning path options are displayed below. To learn more about the modules and to book the facilitator, simply Contact Us for more specific information.

Module Mode of Delivery (options to choose from)
eRegistration Virtual
4500-00: Getting Started Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
4500-01: Design Foundations Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
4500-02: Content Auditing & Assets Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
4500-03: Design Documents Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
4500-04: Micro-module Design Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
 4500-05:  One-on-One eCoaching session(s) Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended