Analysis: What do we know about the learners, stakeholders, and the learning environment?

What is this learning path all about?

This learning path is designed to equip participants with practical tools, techniques and resources that will enable you to:

  • appreciate the value of front-end analysis
  • conduct useful analysis that will inform your strategy and content decisions
  • embed analysis data (analytics) into strategy, design
  • assess learning or performance gaps in your system/organization
  • determine your eReadiness

The series of modules features analysis at macro, meso, and micro levels and uses best practice tools and approaches.

How much does it cost?

Cost varies depending on the modules & delivery option you select.
Discounts available for students and corporate groups.

HOW long DOES IT take?

Each module takes approximately 2-3 hours (virtually) to deliver but if you’d prefer to a face-to-face course, simply contact us to request a customized session.

What are the learning path options?

The learning path options are displayed below. To learn more about the modules and to schedule a session(s), simply Contact Us for more specific information.

Module Mode of Delivery (options to choose from)
Registration  Virtual
1500-00: Getting Started Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
1500-01: SMART Analysis – 3 Levels Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
1500-02: SMART Analysis – STEP Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
1500-03: eReadiness: Assessing Gaps Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended
1500-04:  One-on-One eCoaching session(s) Virtual/Face-to-Face/Blended