About Us

computer-1Our services are targeted at the following organizations’ learning and development initiatives across all sectors. Our partnership with your organization will enable you to start, scale or sustain  eLearning in your organization.

Setting up, scaling or continuously monitoring your organization’s eLearning can be quite the challenge if you go it without setting the right ecosystem or equipping your team with the essential competencies. We at eLearning Innovators are here to partner with you through  every step of your eLearning journey to ensure that you get the most value from your strategy.

Who Benefits from our Services?

With our virtual touch, we are able to reach anyone anywhere! Most of our  past work has focused on North America and Africa. Who do we reach? ELI’s boutique consulting, coaching, and training services are customer-focused to enable you to start, scale or sustain your (e)learning or blended training initiatives. No matter where you are on your journey, we are here to be your professional guide. We have helped dozens of international organizations grow & learn – see our portfolio.

We work with:

  • C-Suite leaders with a vision for eLearning
  • HR / HRD Professionals
  • Learning & Development leaders
  • Education Directors/Program Managers
  • ICT Directors & Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Coaches & OD consultants

What do we offer?

Our expertise and consulting, coaching and training offerings broadly fall under any of these areas/topics; solutions to advance your organization’s learning & development strategy.

  • Analysis: What do we know about the learners, stakeholders, and the learning environment?
  • Strategy: What are the key considerations for your eLearning and market strategy?
  • Design: How to design eContent and tools that will add value to your learners and organization?
  • Develop: How to develop quality eContent and support systems to engage learners?
  • Facilitate: How to facilitate virtual training, coaching, and meetings?
  • Evaluate: How to monitor and evaluate eLearning and make data-informed decisions?

Ready to Build Your eLearning Competencies?

We have a catalog of online and blended courses to get you equipped to be successful in your role regardless of which stage you’re in

The eLI eCampus Catalog features 7 distinct learning paths. Our unique SMART approach to eLearning seeks to give you self-paced, online training and development strategy that reduces your organization’s training costs and employee turnover, while simultaneously increasing skills development and knowledge retention.

We offer eLearning-related services and training courses to give your organization a head-start to launch or enhance your eLearning solutions. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can add value to your organization.

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