Introducing Customized on-demand Webinars – It’s easy, a Webinar tailored just for you!


Curious about what Webinars are and what content marketing can do for you or your organization? Are you deliberating on an eLearning or Webinar-based initiative and wish to consult?

You can now Schedule your customized 30 minute on-demand Webinar (virtual meeting) with us at no cost to you!

What will we do?  We will discuss optimal solutions and best practices that you can use to start or scale your Webinars, eLearning content development, content marketing or other areas that are of interest to you!

What does the Webinar include? The Webinar includes of a Live demo, a Q & A session, and an opportunity to learn more about your project.

Not sure where to start, this conversation is designed to help you move forward with your project/targeting a specific task that you are planning or issue facing regarding your content or digital learning strategy.

Customized Webinar design: We can offer customized Webinars as one-to-one training or have a team-based Q & A sessions. No need to travel – all will be demonstrated live on your screen. Your Webinar will be tailored to address your professional/organizational priorities and needs.

How do I Book a custom webinar?   Contact us to request your custom Webinar. If you’d like to learn more, simply reserve your date and time and get started!

We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.

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