Webinar Jan. 28th

Webinar (virtual)

Date:   Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 2015
Time:   12:00 – 12:45 EDT

Location: Virtual/online (a link will be sent if you register before the Webinar starts)

Speaker: Dr. Penina Lam

If you are seeking new ways to grow your audience and engage your client base in 2015, then you need to attend this Webinar (learning event) to show you just how you can integrate digital media applications such as Webinars.


Through this Webinar, participants will:

  • evaluate how Webinars can be useful strategy for showcasing your expertise
  • examine content marketing to engage with clients 
  • value of Webinars to facilitate client knowledge of your products/services
  • choose to use content marketing strategies to generate leads

Next steps

Upon registration, an email with login information to join the Webinar will be emailed to you for your use to access the event.

Setup: Please be sure to test your computer in advance or to login at least 10 minutes before starting time to ensure that your technology (computer and headset) are working well.

Future Events

Join us every last Wednesday of each month for our Webinar Wednesday series featuring Webinars on key topics on:

  • eLearning for professional development
  • organizational effectiveness using digital media
  • content marketing
  • mobile apps, and more.