Why I should start blogging in 2015

As 2014 draws to a close, I am resolving to start blogging, why you may ask? Here are a few convincing thoughts that have crossed my mind lately that have convinced me that a blog is a good place to begin my 2015 resolutions.

  1. Taking journaling online. As an eLearning professional, I spend a lot of my time online, researching, writing, connecting, you name it. Over time it’s occured to me that while I do enjoy writing, journaling on paper (yes people do that still) just isn’t for me. While I’ve tried it over the years, it’s simply not something I’ve been successful at as my handwriting has gotten worse and my pace is often overtaken by my thoughts. Simply put, I had rather type that use pen and paper. Who knew that would happen to my generation! So why not go for the electronic version of it since I do enjoy typing as thoughts flow.
  2. Professional development begins with me. It’s well known that growth is a personal goal, not something that get’s imposed upon us. So, I’ve added blogging on my professional development plan for the New Year.  I am an adult educator and professional development is the core of what I do everyday. After all, 2015 needs a new challenge, taking up blogging as a wonderful professional growth opportunity for me and to enable our client’s growth and communications.
  3. Growing together and Sharing New Learning: Aha moments are many in my line of work. Often I run into exceptional content as we design online learning, conduct research, talk to clients and share with friends. Clearly, there is no shortage of materials and fascinating apps and amazing innovations in learning. And why not have a dedicated space to share any lessons as I ran into them and as learning opportunities emerge?as the eLearning Innovators community grows, I trust this avenue (in addition to others) will help us share and thrive.

In 2015, I will dedicate this blog to more posts that truly add value to our clients so that together, we can share our experiences. eLearning is about making the most of the tools that we have to make learning accessible.

My Challenge to You

Now that I have successfully posted the first one before 2014 is up, let me now get working on the content for the next 365 blogs. I challenge you to do the same, pick one thing/idea that you can develop for 2015 that will help you grow as a professional. I realize it may not be by blogging, but whatever you choose, let’s keep growing together!!

I hope you’ll grow with us on this journey!  Happy blogging and a exceptional New Year ahead!

Cheers! Penina